Quarantine Guidelines

The employment attorneys at Klenda Law have been fielding questions from corporations and HR professionals regarding the quarantine and isolation guidelines as Coronavirus spread increases in the Wichita community. The CDC has defined close contact and has set guidelines based on the researching the most effective way to control community spread.

Per their recommendation, if you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive, you should fully complete a quarantine of 14 days from last exposure. Getting a negative COVID test yourself or not showing signs of illness is not enough to shorten your quarantine.

Even if your employer tells you to go get tested and come back to work if you test negative, you should not do so until after 14 days has passed.

Other CDC definitions, quarantine guidelines and specific examples can be found here.

If your business needs assistance navigating the employment laws surrounding COVID-19, please contact Michelle Brenwald at mbrenwald@klendalaw.com