While the employer-employee relationship is one of the oldest and most basic concepts of commerce, the field of employment law has undergone dramatic expansion in both statutory and regulatory development in recent years. Claims based on age, sex, race, religious affiliation and national origin discrimination are on the rise. New theories for wrongful discharge are creatively construed posing new demands on employers. Demanding requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and the wage and hour regulations dramatically impact employment relations. The result presents an employer with increasing challenges of complying with the intricacies of statutory requirements and bureaucratic procedures, economic considerations, and the maintenance of sound employee relations.

Klenda Austerman LLC lawyers provide broad support in this diverse group of related areas of practice, all of which impact employment. We represent both employers and employees seeking an evaluation of their obligations and rights. We provide both pre-litigation compliance consultation services, as well as representation in arbitration proceeding, settlement conferences and full-blown litigation matters.

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