Klenda Austerman LLC’s litigation lawyers have a broad breadth of experience and versatility not often found in other law firms. We practice as a team to provide our clients full advantage of our cumulative comprehensive background and legal creativity, allowing us to successfully deal with the vast array of challenging legal issues our clients face. We take great pride that in the course of handling the rigors and realities of today’s litigation, we develop close and lasting relationships with our clients ― large and small businesses, families, and individuals. In every case, big or small, our litigation lawyers are commit to provide our clients the personal service and attention they deserve.

The scope of the Klenda Austerman LLC litigation practice and experience is nationwide. Our litigation matters fall under the jurisdiction of both courts and regulatory agencies, extending from the county courthouse to national tribunals. Skilled in local, state and federal laws and practices, our active trial and appellate practice group manages all types of cases from product liability, medical malpractice defense, and insurance defense, to complex commercial litigation, general tort and contract, and personal injury.

Recognizing that a complete practice also entails pre-litigation activities, our firm provides substantial risk management and consultation services to our clients in an attempt to minimize potential exposure to litigation. While the vigorous defense or prosecution of each claim is the cornerstone of our method of practice, Klenda Austerman LLC is also sensitive to diligently control the costs of legal services. Our attorneys delegate routine tasks to legal assistants, permitting our firm to offer quality legal services at a reasonable cost.

Practicing Attorneys