The globalization of economies and emerging patterns of international trade and investment offer both domestic and international companies vast opportunities. At Klenda Austerman LLC, our international aviation finance law team has interdisciplinary expertise that is fundamental in servicing a client’s international needs. We have collaborated with lawyers in over 50 countries around the globe on various international transactions and developed working relationships with lawyers in most parts of the world, including Europe, Latin America and Asia. Our attorneys have also presented on various topics at international seminars and international bar association functions. Our strategy of our international aviation finance law team is to complement our collective firm expertise with our international working relationships in servicing both domestic-based and international-based based clients in all aspects of international activities including:

International Aviation Finance Areas

Aircraft Finance
Cape Town Convention
Licensing and Technology Transfer Agreements
Distributor / Agency Agreements
Antitrust / Competition Policy
International Securities Law Compliance
International Litigation and Arbitration

Practicing Attorneys