Collecting real estate taxes and personal property taxes are essential for counties in Kansas to meet their yearly budgets. When property owners fail to pay their taxes, it puts undue burden on the government entity. Collecting on these accounts through the use of tax liens and real estate tax foreclosure sales can be tedious and time-consuming.

A county treasurer’s outsourcing of their real estate tax foreclosure to the experienced real estate attorneys at Klenda Austerman Law Firm is an effective way of enforcing the collection of delinquent tax revenue without a hefty expense. Our lawyers represent both large and small county treasurers in Kansas and have successfully collected millions of dollars in delinquent taxes on thousands of parcels and personal property items.

Easy Implementation | Real Estate Tax Foreclosure

Klenda Austerman has the experience, staff and resources to implement your tax foreclosure program from start to finish. After your staff provides our attorneys with the delinquent tax roll, we work with a local title company to obtain an abstract report for each parcel; we prepare a foreclosure complaint; serve legal process to all parties with an interest in the parcel; coordinate publication of all required notices related to the filing of the suit and public sale; obtain an order allowing sale; and conduct the public sale in coordination with local sheriff’s office and county officials. Beyond just the legal work, our attorneys and staff consider themselves an extension of the county offices and meet with county officials and commission members to answer any questions about the process, issue reports related to the success of the proceedings, handle calls from property owners with concerns about impending sales.

Proven Results

Our ultimate goal is to have properties redeemed out of the foreclosure action through the payment, in full, of all delinquent taxes.  When that does not occur, we use the legal system to collect the delinquent taxes. Our multi-step notification process incentives people to get their taxes paid-to-date by providing several opportunities to settle their account before more drastic measures are taken. At any time before a judge confirms the sale, a taxpayer can redeem the property by paying taxes owed with interest, plus attorney fees, court fees and associated costs. Typically, we collect more in redemptions than we do at sale – 75% is the average redemption success rate for cases going through Klenda Austerman attorneys.

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