Employer Mandate

Uncertainty surrounds Biden’s vaccine mandate, but Wichita’s large companies can start preparing now by Shelby Kellerman, Wichita Business Journal

It’s been almost a month since the White House unveiled plans to order large employers with at least 100 workers to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine in their workplaces or require weekly testing of unvaccinated employees — and there’s still a lot of unknowns.

It’s a familiar feeling to Wichita companies, who have been in a strange state of limbo since the onslaught of the pandemic more than a year ago.

Klenda Austerman Employment attorney Michelle Brenwald spoke with the Wichita Business Journal about what employers can do to prepare in the midst of uncertainty.

“Right now there are a lot of questions, and few answers,” said Michelle Brenwald, an employment attorney at Wichita law firm Klenda
Austerman Attorneys at Law. Brenwald says there are steps companies can be taking now to prepare for the mandate, which could lift a heavy burden for some employers, but also prove thorny to a workforce resistant to the Covid-19 vaccine.

“While we all wait for more information,” Brenwald said, “employers can start preparing by developing a policy to address vaccine mandates, preparing for requests for religious or medical accommodations — get that policy and the forms drafted — and setting up payroll systems to track paid time off related to vaccinations, much like many employers did for the Covid-19 paid leave last year.”

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Michelle Brenwald is a seasoned employment and human resources law attorney. She consulted with businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, crafting new policies to fit the changing compliance environment. You can contact Klenda Austerman employment law attorney Michelle Brenwald at mbrenwald@klendalaw.com for assistance creating a mandatory vaccine policy.