2018 has been a crucial year for information privacy. From the Facebook scandal to the opening of the door for re-thinking the Fourth Amendment, privacy rights in the United States are on the brink of change. The Supreme Court plays a key role in shaping this process. And with two new conservative justices appointed by Donald Trump, many fear the Supreme Court will work to narrow the scope of civil rights. But, when it comes to information privacy, they may be wrong.

Current Supreme Court case law protects privacy in the Fourth Amendment context where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists. The Supreme Court considers the guiding principle for the Fourth Amendment to be that a search or seizure without a warrant is only a violation if it goes beyond what people would reasonably in terms of privacy.

Ignacio N. Cofone, an Assistant Professor at McGill University, where he teaches Privacy Law, and an Affiliate Faculty Fellow at the Yale Law School Information Society Project talks about how the new Supreme Court will affect our privacy rights in an article for venturebeat.com. Read the entire article here. https://venturebeat.com/2018/10/20/how-the-new-supreme-court-will-affect-our-privacy-rights/