Klenda Austerman LLC maintains a fully staffed bankruptcy department available to assist clients in a multitude of areas related to the filing of personal and corporate bankruptcy proceedings. Experienced lawyers offer consultation services regarding the pros and cons of filing a bankruptcy or corporate reorganization, evaluating the type of proceeding that best fits the needs of the client. We offer bankruptcy estate planning services and when necessitated, plans for avoiding foreclosure of real estate and repossession of personal property the client desires to maintain.

Klenda Austerman LLC also has extensive experience representing creditors seeking reimbursement for debt duly owed by an individual or business that has filed for bankruptcy. Klenda Austerman LLC lawyers file and prosecute adversary actions to protect clients’ rights when the bankruptcy estate assets are being disbursed with the intent to preserve any right to collection the client may have. Our focused areas of experience in bankruptcy litigation include the following topics:

Determination of priority claims
Garnishment and execution proceedings
Bankruptcy estate planning

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