Klenda Austerman attorneys and employees raised $1,889.05 this year in their annual fundraising drive to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wichita and The MS Society.  The firm encouraged donations by relaxing its dress code to allow jeans and t-shirts supporting the wearer’s favorite college sports team on designated days, in return for a small charitable donation.  The firm then donated all of the funds raised as part of its participation in the Bowl For Kids’ Sake and Walk MS events.

A new wrinkle this year pitted the two floors the firm occupies – the 15th and 16th floors – against one another in a contest to see who could raise the most money in their charity collection jar.  All pennies collected in each respective floors’ jar were deducted from their overall total, allowing the floors to “sabotage” one another.  In the end, the floor that collected the most money earned the right to nominate a representative from the losing floor to pose for a picture in a pink tutu we just happened to have lying around.

The 16th floor cruised to an easy victory over the 15th floor, by a margin of almost $150.00.  In a landslide vote, the 16th floor chose attorney Todd Shadid to serve as this year’s wearer of the pink tutu.  Mr. Shadid bore his pink burden with all the poise and grace that one would expect.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s fundraising efforts, and we look forward to raising even more money next year for these two worthy charities.

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