Drone Law

Security concerns and drone law are often an afterthought for individual entrepreneurs and companies interested in incorporating drones into their business models. This can have serious consequences for unsuspecting operators. Ethan McInteer, Klenda Austerman Aviation Attorney, examines these issues and more in his article, Adapting to the Times: The Questionable Applicability of Article 3bis to Cyberweapons Demands New Approach to Safeguarding International Commercial Drone Operations, which is featured in the Autumn 2020 edition of Issues in Aviation Law and Policy.

In his article, Ethan examines the challenges associated with safeguarding commercial drone operations from cyberattack under Article 3bis of the Chicago Convention (prohibiting the use of weapons against civil aircraft) and proposes the adoption of an adaptive regulatory framework instead that places a premium on flexible regulations and industry participation.

Ethan’s article is based on a paper originally submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.), Air & Space Law, at the University of Mississippi School of Law. Ethan successfully completed and received his LL.M. degree in the Spring of 2020.

Individuals and companies interested in using drones should anticipate the many associated legal issues. Klenda Austerman LLC offers a comprehensive aviation law practice that includes UAS and drone law.

READ: Issues in Aviation Law and Policy, Volume 20, Autumn 2020, Pages 105-139 (Subscription Required)