Recently Klenda Austerman attorney David W. Steed and his son, Nate, visited the Moon Marble Factory in Bonner Springs, Kansas with Nate’s Cub Scout Troop. Moon Marble Factory is a one of a kind place!  Moon Marble sells traditional toys and games, including metal trucks and wooden pick up sticks.  Adding to its uniqueness is an authentic glass working shop, where seasoned glass workers create custom handmade marbles. During their visit, Nate’s Troop learned the classic game of shooting marbles.  A game rarely played today but one you may remember reading about in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The basic rules of the game are as follows: (1) Knuckle Down—Knuckles must be touching the ground when shooting the marble to avoid an unfair advantage; (2) No Heisting—Not allowed to shoot the marble up into the air; and, (3) No Fudging—Hand must be outside the line.  David reflected on this learning and life experience with Nate, saying: “This game is kind of like life: Know the rules, understand the rules, and then live life within the rules and still succeed.”Steed and Son Nate

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