Service Industry

Is a Waiver or Consent Agreement Necessary to Protect Your Service Industry Business When the Economy Reopens? By Michael L. Baumberger Klenda Austerman Employment Law Attorney

COVID-19 has temporarily shut down many businesses throughout Wichita, Kansas and the United States. With state and local governments wrestling with plans to reopen the economy in the coming weeks, many Wichita business owners in the service industry may be facing concerns over customer liability claims. The employment lawyers at Klenda Austerman can help your business create a plan to protect your business as you reopen during this pandemic with a service industry consent agreement.

While social distancing has made a difference in slowing the spread of COVID-19, it’s foreseeable that a customer may make a claim that they contracted COVID-19 at your restaurant, salon, coffee shop or other service-related business. The claim could be that the customer contracted COVID-19 through an employee or through another customer your business failed to screen.

To protect your business and your future, you may consider having your employment lawyer create a brief waiver or consent agreement for your customers to sign in order to receive services. Such an agreement can eliminate or severely restrict your businesses’ liability and the potential for claims. Unless evidence comes to light to show that your business was a hotspot for the spread of COVID-19, it may be hard to prove that the virus was actually contracted at your establishment, but why take the chance?

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