Mission Wichita Aaron Good

Klenda Austerman attorney, Aaron Good, was selected for the Young Professionals of Wichita inaugural class of Mission Wichita. Mission Wichita’s goal was to connect young business leaders with high achieving Airmen from McConnell Airforce Base. The six course program concluded in May.

Mission Wichita allowed 20 participants to experience Wichita through a unique lens, exposing Airmen to many of Wichita’s quality of place attributes and demystifying McConnell Air Force Base for young business leaders.
Aaron has long been intrigued by the Air Force – out of college he applied to the Air Force and Law School at the same time. “Law School got back to me first,” said Good.

While everyone at Klenda Austerman is thankful to Washburn University for their timely response, Good found that participating in Mission Wichita, with a group that was equally civilian and military, was an enlightening experience.

“On one hand you have a group very familiar and involved in our Wichita community, and on the other hand you have a group really involved and familiar with our country. I have to say that I was impressed by all the things McConnell quietly does for our community. Did you know they played a role in getting the elephants from Swaziland to the Sedgwick County Zoo a few years ago?”

One of the highlights for Good was riding on a KC-135 during training for a refueling mission. Good said the five-hour mission took the group from Wichita to Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. The plane was similar to a commercial airline but with less comfortable seats “if you can imagine!” and no climate control “so we went from 100 degrees inside the plane to 60 degrees in 30 minutes”. Enjoying the freedom to walk around and explore the plane, talk to the pilots and ultimately look out the window to see a plane 15 feet away from you refueling was a rush, Good said.

“Ultimately I believe this program created connections that will help us keep some talented Airmen in Wichita for their next career,” said Good. “McConnell is an asset to our community and it gave me great insight and appreciation for these men and women.”