Klenda Austerman’s Member Scott Eads not only goes great distances for clients, but he also travels the roads as one of the firm’s top distance runners and triathlete. On March 3, 2013, Scott torched the Little Rock Marathon 26.2 mile course with a 2014 Boston Marathon qualifying time of 3:24.47, which is a per mile pace of 7:49.  At age 52, Scott finished 5th out of 146 men in his age group.  Scott’s 17 year old son Grant followed the “old man’s” footsteps completing the 13.1 half marathon race with a finishing time of 2:00.45.  Scott is still showing off his finisher’s medal, dubbed the “largest marathon finishers medal in the world” – and, might we add, probably the ugliest. Great job Eads boys!

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