Who will provide for Zoey; the littlest victim of the KC tragedy?  In light of the recent murder/suicide touching the lives of those connected with the Kansas City Chiefs, one may wonder how the smallest victim will be cared for in the years to come.   A typical source of financial support comes from the life insurance policies of the parents.  In this instance, the life insurance policies of Zoey’s mother (Kasandra Perkins) and father (Jovan Belcher) may come into play.  Most likely, the mother’s life insurance policy will provide some initial proceeds to help care for Zoey.   Depending upon how long the father’s life insurance policy has been in effect, it may also provide assistance.  If the policy has been in effect for less than two years, it will likely be of no use as insurance policies often have clauses nullifying coverage if a death is caused by suicide within the first two years.  In the event the life insurance policies were small, or the father’s policy was nullified by a suicide clause, another means of financial support may come from a lawsuit against the father’s estate for wrongful death of the mother – similar to the claims brought against O.J. Simpson after he was acquitted of the murders of Ron Goldman and Nichole Brown Simpson.  If the father’s professional contract with the Chiefs provided for some guaranteed money, or the father invested some of his earnings wisely, these funds could be sought through a wrongful death suit to help offset the costs of Zoey’s  care, support, education, etc.  Fortunately for Zoey, the Kansas City Chiefs have already announced that a foundation will be created to help provide for her later in life.  Sadly, no amount of money will replace the life Zoey could have enjoyed with her parents.  But, hopefully, these funds will help turn the negative into a positive and provide Zoey with a brighter future.

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