Members of the Klenda Austerman LLC aviation law practice group attended the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) 65th Annual Meeting & Convention held in Orlando, Florida. It is the largest event of the year for the business aviation industry, bringing together businesses and individuals from all segments of the business aviation industry around the world. Aircraft and parts manufacturers use this event to unveil and launch new products.                                              

NBAA is a great opportunity for firm members to interact with clients face-to-face.  Attorneys met with domestic and international clients, including banks, lending companies, aircraft parts and sub-assembly manufacturers, aircraft purchasers and sellers, aircraft brokers and many other industry product leaders.  According to Member Chad S. Nelson, “NBAA is a prime opportunity for us to stay abreast of the newest developments in the business aviation industry.  It serves as a great venue to meet with existing and new clients alike, and to develop personal relationships with other important industry leaders with whom we work nearly every day.”  Members Jeffrey D. Peier, Scott A. Eads, and Chad S. Nelson attended the event, which makes Klenda Austerman’s 16th appearance in as many years.

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