Midterms are November 6, 2018. Those issues you say you care about? They are directly impacted by who is running the government. Make your opinion heard: vote for congressional leaders and important state and local leaders.

Through the elections process, you have the ability to decide on what is important to you and help elect leadership to work on your behalf. Legislative actions have direct impact on your life, your children, your pay, your benefits, your freedoms. The attorneys at Klenda Austerman encourage you to take the most basic action as a citizen of the United States and hire your government.

Before you hit the polls, read up on the issues and the candidates, and research your ballot (you can even print a sample to take with you!) at goo.gl/8yiEhq. Do not take this responsibility lightly. Together we can change the direction of our city, state and country. Do your homework and cast a ballot for the candidate that best represents you.

In Kansas, the midterm 2018 election is as important as any other. All statewide offices, the entire Kansas House, and all Kansas delegates to the U.S. House of Representatives are on the ballot. We want to make sure Sedgwick County voters are ready for this important election.

U.S. House

In Kansas, voters will elect four candidates to serve a two-year term in the United States House of Representatives. The U.S. House is the lower chamber of the United States Congress, the Senate being the upper chamber. Together they comprise the legislature of the United States. Meet the candidates for your district at https://goo.gl/LhktqW


State Sen. Laura Kelly (D), Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R), businessman Greg Orman (I), and six other candidates are running for the Kansas Governor. This person carries out state policies and highly influences the state representatives. See a comparison on how the candidates feel about issues that matter like education, health care, taxes, guns and more at https://goo.gl/fP587b

Secretary of State

Brian “BAM” McClendon (D), Scott Schwab (R), and Rob Hodgkinson (L) are running for Kansas Secretary of State. This office is the chief election official in the state. The office is tasked with keeping state records, registering businesses and recording acts of the governor. Meet the candidates here.


The state treasurer is the state’s head banker: managing investments, keeping track of budget surpluses and deficits and depositing state monies. The incumbent Jacob LaTurner (R) and Marci Francisco (D) are running for Kansas Treasurer.

Insurance Commissioner

The Kansas Insurance Commissioner is elected to regulate and review insurance companies, educate consumers about insurance, assist consumers with disputes and license companies to sell insurance in the state.
Nathaniel McLaughlin (D) and Vicki Schmidt (R) are the candidates for Kansas Insurance Commissioner.

State Representatives

All 125 Kansas House of Representatives seats are up for election. Ballotpedia.org is a good, non-partisan site to learn where the candidates stand on important issues. This link will take you directly to the Kansas candidates https://goo.gl/WydC7w

District Judges

The 18th district has six divisions with unopposed candidates. Division 7 is a race between Joni Cole (D) and Rodger Woods (R).

Kansas Court of Appeals

Voting for the Kansas Court of Appeals is a retention vote.

Sedgwick County Commissioner

The six Sedgwick County Commissioners have the enormous responsibility of handling the financial affairs of the county including levying taxes, setting salaries of all county officials, construction and maintenance of roads, approving zoning, awarding county contracts and more. Three of the five commissioner spots are up for grabs.
District 1 – Renee Duxler (D) versus Pete Meitzner (R)
District 4 – Lacey Cruse (D) versus Richard Ranzau (R)
District 5 – Jim Howell (R) versus Jim Skelton (Independent)