Stephens, Andrew G.

Andrew Stephens is an associate attorney with the business practice group at Klenda Austerman in Wichita. Andrew has been training his whole life to be an attorney, fulfilling his Eagle Scout oath to “help other people at all times.” Inspired by the character of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird,

Andrew was determined to find a career path where he made a difference while doing the morally right thing, regardless of adversity he might personally face.

Andrew’s tenacious spirit coupled with his passion for businesses – from upstarts to large corporations – makes him a dedicated ally to guide clients toward productive legal solutions. Clients appreciate Andrew’s depth of corporate knowledge and his ability to communicate effectively.

Often described as perseverant, Andrew Stephens has no problem working hard to achieve success. He’s confident it will someday payoff when he shoots a hole in one or catches that state record bass that has been eluding him for years.