Dressman, Madison J.

Madison Dressman

Contact Info

  • P: 316-267-0331
  • F: 316-267-0333
  • Address:
    1600 Epic Center
    301 N Main
    Wichita, KS 67202-4816

Practice Areas

Madison Dressman is an associate attorney at Klenda Austerman in Wichita. Madison believes little everyday actions can make a huge impact over time. This philosophy is demonstrated in her estate planning practice as Madison helps clients demystify the seemingly overwhelming task of crafting their legacy through trusts and wills.

At many stages of the legal process, people must make sacrifices or face hard decisions. Madison is an unbiased ear and reliable counselor – providing clients’ comprehensive information to guide them toward making the best decision for their unique situation.
In her litigation practice, clients appreciate Madison Dressman’s ability to communicate effectively and her empathic nature, “I believe attorneys sometimes have a bad reputation of being cold, manipulative, or cunning,” says Dressman. “My goal is to break those stereotypes by showing my clients that I am a person first and a lawyer second.”

On the weekends you might catch Madison cheering on the Chiefs at a restaurant or enjoying the sunshine on a walk with her significant other, Austin and her faithful pup, Audie.