Boswell, Aaron C.

Aaron Boswell is a litigation attorney in Wichita, Kansas. A Wichita native, Aaron approaches his clients with a welcoming demeanor. He has a genuine interest in getting to know his clients and understanding their position. With the client’s goal in mind, he thoroughly researches to get to the root of the dilemma.

His negotiation and communication skills often help him resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. When an agreement isn’t possible, Aaron Boswell advocates for his client’s best interests. His ultimate goal is for every client who enlists his help to know he did the very best he could for them regardless of the outcome.

Aaron believes a well-rounded life is a life well-lived. He is a man of many interests: gigging with friends on his guitar and drums, getting lost in a podcast, binge watching the latest Netflix series. His family centers him and the outdoors renews him. It’s not uncommon to spot Aaron taking in the scenery on one of the many bike paths around Wichita. Or perched on the back porch, reading an autobiography, entrenched in the author’s life, trials and tribulations.